West Lyfe's Ethos and Guiding Principles

West Lyfe's Ethos and Guiding Principles

The West’s landscape, from the snow capped peaks to the deep valleys where life-giving waters run, is awe-inspiring. This unique landscape has given rise to a way of life and inspired many characters in whose footsteps we follow. 

The western lifestyle was arguably first inspired by the likes of Doug Thompkins and Yvon Chouinard, pioneers of the Outdoor Industry, who valued, above all else, time spent in the wild. Each created successful businesses, The North Face and Patagonia respectively, whose success was measured through the lens of time spent outdoors.  Lifestyle was everything and their companies grew as people caught on. They helped to build the backbone of the current outdoor market and over time came to realize the shortcoming of our modern day business practices. 

Today we are very aware of how our 21st century lifestyle choices negatively impact our natural world. We can no longer look the other way. We all have to make lifestyle changes to ensure we have a future. West Lyfe is tackling this challenge head on by operating a greener business and defending the most fragile places. We take inspiration from those who have come before us - Edward Abbey, Chellis Glendinning, David Gessner, John Muir, Wallace Stegner, and Pattie Gonia among others - who pioneered the environmental movement and continue to lead by example today. 

We look to carry the torch and create solutions to the many challenges we face. West Lyfe’s Guiding Principles guide not only our business practices, but they provide a framework for the West Lyfe lifestyle and how we interact with our natural world. 

West Lyfe’s Guiding Principles

1. We enjoy and actively play in WILD places to sustain happiness and health.

2. We value our mental and physical well being...LIVE first, work later.

3. We are mindful consumers and producers. Every action has a consequence to be considered in our decision making process.

4. We never settle. We aim for sustainability and quality.

5. We innovate, collaborate, and actively seek solutions to the climate crisis.

6. We lead with passion. What we do is who we are. We embody the lifestyle.

7. We are better together. We celebrate diversity and inclusion. ALL belong.

8. We believe in co-prosperity. We enrich the lives of others and the communities we touch by leaving things better than we found them. 

9. We are guardians of the WILD. We LOVE, VALUE, and RESPECT the WILD.

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