Living the West Lyfe: Preserving and Protecting the Western Lifestyle

Living the West Lyfe: Preserving and Protecting the Western Lifestyle

The West Lyfe started with a wild idea. That idea grew into a mission and ours is simple. 

Our Mission

To celebrate, protect and preserve the wild places that inspire us today, so that they will continue to be for generations to come.

Our mission gives us purpose, and it drives our actions - everything we do and every decision we make. 

Our Vision

To create a successful business model that values the planet over profit. 

West Lyfe is committed to the adoption and growth of sustainable business practices that help to curb the negative effects of the current climate crisis. We aim to lead by example and inspire others to give back to the organizations that work tirelessly to protect wild spaces and create a more sustainable future for all. Click here to learn more about West Lyfe’s guiding principles.

How We Do It

Give Back, Take Less

Through collaborative partnerships, focused sales campaigns, and profits generated West Lyfe’s goal is to donate around 5 - 10 % of profits to organizations that protect and improve our remaining wild lands. We will donate as much as we can, as often as we can. We will be transparent about our donations. We will measure our success by the amount of wild lands preserved and protected. By living a West Lyfe lifestyle and putting our money in the right places, we believe that we can be part of a solution; a collective effort that can make a meaningful difference in our lives, the land we love, and all who benefit and will benefit from its long term health and beauty. 

We support organizations that: 

1. Protect wild places and all life that inhabits them

2. Restore damaged and neglected wild places to a diverse, natural and healthy state

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